Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Non-Denominational Christian's View on Gay Marriage and DOMA

If there's a topic that's definitely one of the most controversial of our kind, it's has to be the uniting of males and males, and females and females. I don't believe the anti-gay movement started because of what the bible says, but of the discrimination of an individual that is different than the majority. If you need backing, you could look to the slavery movement in the 1800's, when slave owners believed that the bible justified slavery. I like this article, because it points out what I was trying to get to. If we take the bible too literally, we won't get anything from it in present times. I think there is definitely changed times from then, to now.

I think if we dig deeper into the problem of homosexuality in the bible, there is the fact that back when Jesus was living, and even before, there weren't as long lifespans as there are now. If you refer back to the earlier parts of the bible, there were much larger life spans, which is true. I wondered if what I was saying was true myself, and found this article, which debunks any theory that what I'm stating isn't true. Life spans went down dramatically after the Adam and Eve incident. I believe God wanted to make as many species as he could of humans, without them wiping out the population. There were diseases just like now, and living healthy enough to live a long life was difficult without medicine. I don't know exactly what was the situation back then, but the idealism of homosexuality could harm the humans. That isn't a problem now.

I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but do we condemn a person for the rest of their life for something we don't know much about? We can't tell what is the cause of it for sure, but rather than being hostile towards it, we have to love everyone the same, no matter what they're going through. Are Christians bringing people closer to Christ by being hostile towards people of certain kinds? I believe that we have to think ideally here...

Something that I've had a hard time with in this sort of thought, is what would overturning DOMA do for the nation? I think it would make a lot of things easier for the people, one thing out of the way of controversy, but that's the least of our problems. If the Christian-Right would be accepting of gays, I think there is the potential for our nation to progress towards God. I don't have any trustworthy sources for the real Religious-to-Atheist ratio, but ChaCha says it's about 78% to 85% with the religious winning. I do know that there are other religions, and I'm not being ignorant, but Christians do fill a majority of the U.S., so that's what I'll most commonly refer to as the religious. I think the percentage of Christians can increase if we show more acceptance and love towards others, but it'll be a hard road. I hope I'm not taken as some kind of a radical liberal for suggesting that peace and love is the way to bond the non-religious into religion, but it's true.

If we can put DOMA out of the way, and end the law for good declaring it unconstitutional, I believe we can get a good chunk of Americans who are the non-religious to be more lenient towards the Christians, and even enter a church to try it out. We cannot stick to ancient techniques to end the problems we have though. Let's just hope that we can stop the dehumanization of others and love our brethren like should love everyone.


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